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Wednesday, 22 September 2010 from 06:30:00 PM to 09:00:00 PM (America/Halifax) Add to your calendar
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September F.NUG meeting

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6:30pm - 9:00pm (ITC building UNB Campus, Room ITC317)

Topic: Open Data Protocol

Presented by: Andrew Trevors

In this session he will introduce the concepts behind OData and how it compares to traditional SOAP-based approaches. He will build producers using Entity Framework as well as the reflection model, and then consume it with a number of libraries and tools. He will also show developers how to add business logic on top of their data sources using query and change interceptors. To conclude he will touch base on how one could secure their OData service using a variety of methods.


Speaker Bio
Andrew Trevors is a Senior Consultant at SwiftRadius, an IT consulting company and Microsoft Certified Partner headquartered in Fredericton, NB. Andrew has over 10 years of work experience in the design and implementation of software applications in a variety of industries and government sectors in the US and Canada.

Since 2004 Andrew has focused primarily on delivering Microsoft based solutions utilizing .NET technologies such as WinForms, WCF, ASP.NET, and MVC.

Andrew has a passion for learning technology as well as sharing that knowledge with the Microsoft Community; he is currently heading a .NET mentorship and training program at SwiftRadius as well as helping to co-organize events for the Fredericton .NET user group.


Please forward this along to anyone you think would be interested in attending.

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