Actor-oriented Development with Scala and Akka

Wednesday, 08 May 2013 from 06:00:00 PM to 09:00:00 PM (America/Halifax) Add to your calendar
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6:00pm - 9:00pm (ITC building UNB Campus, Room ITC317)

Topic:  Actor-Oriented Development with Scala and Akka

Presenter: Aaron Broad


Scala is a functional-object-oriented-hybrid strongly-typed language created by Martin Odersky, the lead developer/designer of the modern java compiler.

Akka is a port to Scala/Java of the Erlang/OTP model of actor-oriented development that allows Erricson's phone switches, Demonware's Call of Duty servers, and many other system's to achieve five nines of uptime.

In this talk I will show how Akka and Erlang's let it crash philosophy of development, utilizing supervisor hierarchies of small single threaded functional actors, creates truly scalable systems, that are easy to develop, debug, and maintain, and how Akka/Scala bring this from the Erlang world to the JVM world, with code that can access your existing java legacy libraries..

The main teaching example will be a scalable evolving artificial neural network population taken from my University research, where I'm working on a novel advanced neuro-evolution algorithm that can scale to as big a cloud as you can afford.

Speaker Bio:

Aaron Broad works at Accreon Inc. as a senior lead developer on their T2M team, and previously at PQA, as an automated and load tester, and before that at NRC's now defunct Internet Logic Division, as a agent-oriented intelligent electronic markets developer.


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