FDUG December: Integration Services Fundamentals

Wednesday, 12 December 2012 from 06:00:00 PM to 09:00:00 PM (America/Halifax) Add to your calendar
Registered Attendees: 16 / 55

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6:00pm - 9:00pm (ITC building UNB Campus, Room ITC317)

Topic:  Integration Services Fundamentals

Presenter: Gaetan Savoie


This presentation will cover the fundamentals of Microsoft Integration Services (SSIS) tool which is a powerful component of SQL server for moving, manipulating and integrating data. SSIS is platform for data integration and workflow applications. The development tools use for building packages is Business Development Studio and it will be used for the demos during the talk (BIDS). Gaetan has been using this tool for over 6 months and will cover the control flow tasks, data flow task, data flow transformation task, expressions, scripts (using C# code) and more. The presentation will provide real life scenario in the context of data migration (i.e. using ETL for moving data from one system to another)..

Speaker Bio:

See Gaetan's bio on our about page: http://frederictonug.net/about

Twitter: @thegman


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