An Introduction to React

Wednesday, 27 April 2016 from 06:15:00 PM to 09:00:00 PM (America/Moncton) Add to your calendar
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6:15pm - 9:00pm (Planet Hatch)

Topic: An Introduction to React

Presenter: John Cotter

React, the popular open source library created by Facebook and Instagram, takes a new, component-based approach to building user interfaces. You simply express how your app should look by building reusable components, then React automatically handles all the UI updates when your underlying data changes. It brings with it some radical ideas that make you rethink what you know about web development. Come learn about what makes React such a popular library to use when building applications. React is built on web development languages, so it will be useful if you know some HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Speaker Bio:
John has been a developer for over 10 years and currently works for Cvent. Professionally he has focused on Web UI Development supporting Java and Node.js based applications and is a Project Lead for OnSite Solutions product lines. During his 'spare' time he is an avid gamer and dabbles in mobile development.  He can be found on twitter at @wildbohr

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